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Ministers of the United Church of God work hard to assist and guide the Church in accordance with teachings of Jesus Christ. Our pastors are assisted by the members of the Church who seek to edify and encourage one another in their personal walk with God.

To contact, please call the pastor on his number below, or contact our Church office in Australia on (+61) 7 5520 2111, or via our enquiry form.

Grant & Kim Chick

Grant & Kim Chick, Serving Singapore

Grant Chick is the pastor serving congregations in Australia and Singapore.

Tel +61 8-9523-4623
Email: grantchick@ucg.org.au

Grant has been serving the Church in Australia in a full-time capacity since 2008 after moving from South Africa to Australia. He lives in Perth with his wife Kim and 1 of their 3 sons.

Grant is a graduate of Ambassador College, and has previously lived in New Zealand, United States and South Africa, and worked in the Agricultural/Horticultural Industry. He is dedicated to serving God and looks forward to making contact with you.

Who are We?

The United Church of God keeps the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus (Rev 14:12).

We focus on the inspired Word of God, the Bible, as the guide to life (2 Tim 3:16).

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